Timpanogas Shadows

High sex-offender/issues (NOJOS 6)

Timp Shadows pictureTimpanogos Shadows is designed to assist in the rehabilitation of adolescent sex offenders. More specifically, it is a NOJOS Level 6 residential treatment program for male juvenile sex offenders, from ages 15 to 18, with a four to one staff to client supervision ratio. We currently have DJJS and DCFS contracts, and a continuum of care is provided locally with an alliance between the group home and Alliance Clinical Services, which has NOJOS Levels 1 and 2 treatment programming available in American Fork and Provo city areas, which also has a DJJS contract for outpatient services.

The minimum weekly treatment at Timanogos Shadows for each teen includes two group therapy sessions with other youth and a licensed facilitator, and two individual therapy sessions with a fully licensed clinician. They participate in daily recreational activities, and learn valuable development skills as they prepare for adulthood. Other regular activities to support the positive change in the youth include parent and family therapy sessions, and family support group sessions. The youth attend Summit High School (Alpine School District) off-site in Orem, Utah, with appropriate staff supervision.

The youth are encouraged to work their way through the various phases of programming, gaining increased knowledge and perspective along the way, along with enhanced privileges through the level system. The various phases include the following: 

Phase 1: Orientation - Clients will become oriented to the phases of clinical treatment and the program’s expectations while in a group home setting (4 weeks).

Phase 2: Accountability - Clients are encouraged to fully disclose their sexual offenses, demonstrating that they accept full responsibility for acting out (two steps, 4 weeks each).

Phase 3: Boundaries - Values & clarification will be developed to help establish and maintain healthy interpersonal and sexual boundaries (two steps, 4 weeks each).

Phase 4: Empathy - Clients will begin to understand the impact of violating sexual boundaries on primary and secondary victims (two steps, 4 weeks each).

Phase 5: Relapse Prevention – Clients will focus on developing healthy and effective interventions to their high-risk cycle of sexual behaviors (two steps, 4 weeks each).

Phase 6: Transition - Clients will develop a plan for a healthy transition from active care to a less restrictive environment, with the safety of the community being the primary focus (4 weeks if transitioning to home or facility without potential victims, and 8 weeks if transitioning to home or facility with potential victims).

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