All services are client-specific, and will be designed to reasonably improve the client's condition. All tools that are determined appropriate will be given to a client to reasonably improve a client's condition and to aid in preventing regression. The ultimate goal of treatment is to phase out of level 6 intensity of treatment to a reasonably supervised level of living and/or care that will allow the client to maintain a healthy, offense-free life.

Services provided by a licensed provider: A licensed care provider shall provide a comprehensive, face-to-face mental health evaluation within two weeks of admission to Timp Shadows if an evaluation had not been completed prior to admission. Any evaluation, whether in-house or by an outside provider, will be updated on an annual basis thereafter. The initial evaluation must include a sexual offense specific risk evaluation, and each subsequent update must also include an updated evaluation.

Treatment services include adolescent sex-offender treatment groups at a minimum of twice a week. Individual adolescent sex-offender treatment sessions will be held at a minimum of once weekly, based on client need. Family therapy will be offered at least once a month unless otherwise specified by the initial evaluation or directed by the licensed clinical staff responsible for the clients care.

Services provided by licensed and/or unlicensed providers: Specifically trained licensed or unlicensed staff (supervised by licensed staff) will provide training groups in daily living and social skills and family living skills, and basic life management skills.

Services provided by other providers: Any client on psychiatric medication will be routinely monitored by a contracted, appropriately licensed medical professional, at a minimum of a monthly basis. Other psychiatric or psychological evaluations will be provided by contracted, approved providers.

School/Educational Services: Clients will attend Summit High School through Alpine School District.

1. Program Philosophy

Focusing on family unity and personal growth, Alliance Youth Services (referred to as AYS for the remainder of the document), aims to provide competent, holistic mental health treatment services in a residential treatment setting.

Alliance Youth Services is committed to working in alliance with clients, their families and the community to enhance family unity and personal growth.

Clinically sound treatment strategies are the foundation of our shared vision of recovery at AYS, in conjunction with collaborative decision making and the treatment-team approach to healing. Specializing in working with individuals and families with unique problems, we seek to encourage healing and healthy relationships.

2. Long Term and Short Term Objectives

  1. To provide consistent, comprehensive treatment services
  2. To provide treatment to an under-served area
  3. To provide treatment related to adolescent sex offending issues
  4. To encourage family unity and personal growth through community education and mental health services
  5. To be a recognized name and symbol of the community and the values they represent.