Why Residential Treatment?

Families sometimes come face to face with struggles that seem insurmountable at the time, such as having a son removed from the home. It’s as if the family is unable to find a way to deal with it, with all sorts of confusing emotions, including anger, fear, and even guilt, wondering what they did wrong. Coming to terms with sexual issues and/or other behavioral issues your son is dealing with is devastating to the entire family. We at AYS commend you for your choice to seek resolution to resolve those choices your son has made, and hope to aid the entire family in recovery.

What can I expect in treatment?

At Alliance Youth Services we approach the youth with an open-mind- we accept them for who they are and the issues that they have in their lives. We treat all clients with respect, regardless of the depth of their issues. We work in alliance with the parents and the rest of the family, as well as the referring agency, to help young men gain the necessary skills to lead a value based, offense-free lifestyle, and encourage them to make empathetic decisions so that their actions will never hurt another person or themselves.

How long will treatment last?

Length of treatment depends on several factors, including recommendations from the psycho-sexual evaluation/SBRA and/or other comparable risk assessments for behavior issues. However, it primarily depends on the youth and his readiness and willingness to make positive changes in his life. On average, a client may expect to be in treatment for nine to fifteen months for our sex offender programing and four to six months for our moderate behavioral program.

Why choose AYS?

AYS believes in a holistic approach to treatment in addressing sexual or behavioral issues. The primary method of treatment includes a comprehensive treatment plan, individual therapy, group therapy, and other therapeutic activities. AYS strongly supports the use of family thera py to overcome multiple challenges.

AYS prides itself on being a small and intimate, owner-operated individualized setting for treatment. We provide a home-like atmosphere, which aids in the therapeutic process.

AYS clients arise each morning in the group home; they eat breakfast together, complete their personal daily chores and then participate in goal setting. They attend a full day of classes at the fully accredited Summit High School (on-site at behavioral program) on weekdays, while being supervised by group home staff. Throughout the week they are mentored in completing their homework, as well as treatment assignments, and they can expect to participate in peer groups and various PRS (Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services) activities including: meal preparation, financial management skills, social skills, interpersonal communication skills, personal health, problem solving etc..

As an incentive for clients to make progress in the program, they have the opportunity to participate in ‘Super Saturday’ activities on and off campus, which may include hiking, movies, shopping, attending sporting events, etc.