Expectations and Guidelines

The following are guidelines for the AYS group home. It is expected all parties follow these guidelines and they be individualized where indicated.

Daily Schedule

Each client will follow a daily schedule as outlined by the treatment team. Schedule is to include but not limited to: Working with trained PRS staff on personal and therapy assignments documented in the treatment plan assigned by the client's therapist, School, Details and Groups.

Community Service/Restitution

Clients will be encouraged to participate in restitution, fines or community service requirements whether it is court ordered or not.


Free time is constantly supervised and clients are in line-of-sight supervision at all times.

Phone Calls

Clients may call parents 1-3 times per week during approved hours. The calls must be 15 minutes or less and must be recorded on the call log. All calls must be on the clients approved call list and monitored. Clients may call their caseworker at any time.


Each client is allowed to receive mail upon approval from case mangers and Therapists. However, any suspicion of contraband or contact with person(s) not involved with the clients' therapy may result in the mail being opened by the client in the presence of his therapist.


Each client is assigned daily chores/details in addition to keeping his personal space clean and organized. Laundry rules will be explained to the client.


Clients are searched when they return to the Group Home. They must empty all pockets and remove shoes. Staff will search all belongings.

Room Searches

When room searches are being done, clients may or may not be present, depending on the reason for the search and done in a respectful manner.

Bed Time

Clients must be in bedrooms by 9:30 for quiet time, lights out is at 10:00pm, or as otherwise specified. All Clients must be in bed at this time. Personal hygiene should be completed and night clothes should be worn.


We reserve the right to allow anyone to practice the religion of his choice. Any stipulation of this will be established between the therapist, caseworker, and family.


All media will be censored at AYS's discretion. Regarding appropriateness of movies or music will be addressed & resolved by the client's therapist, program director, and/or shift leader. Media privileges are earned as they advance through program phases.


Visitors are allowed at the discretion of the therapist and the case manager. Clients will submit visit requests prior to any visiting arrangements.

Off Campus Visits

Clients will remain under supervision of person listed as the responsible party on his contract. Home visits are to be spent with family. Random calls to check on clients while on home visits will be made by group home staff when necessary. The treatment team determines the amount of visitation. Home visit time is to only be spent with family members, unless otherwise specified. It is not a time for visiting with friends.


Pets are not allowed unless otherwise approved by the clinical team.


The use of tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, non-prescribed medications or abuse of over-the-counter medications is prohibited within the program. If a client is in a situation where he is presented with the opportunity or pressure to drink, take drugs, or use tobacco he should get out, call the group home (if he is on a visit), and report it to staff immediately.

Education Plan

Clients will attend school at Summit High School.


Absent without permission is an extremely serious offense. A client is considered AWOL if he has gone somewhere without permission for an hour or more. The client's case manager and primary therapist and/or director will be contacted immediately and a pick up order will be issued for his arrest.

Dress Code

Each client is expected to take pride in grooming and personal hygiene. Dress is modest and appropriate. If a client is unsure about an article of clothing, talk to the lead staff about its appropriateness. Clothing that depicts a gang attitude, or affiliation will not be allowed. Included but is not limited to: colors, rags, sagging, or anything else deemed inappropriate. Pants and belts are not to be more than one size larger than regular size or hang down. Hats will not be worn in the house or school, should only be worn to protect from the sun. Hats are to be worn facing forward, not backwards, up-side down, or to the side. Sunglasses will only be worn outside during activities, not in the home or school. Hairstyles must not draw attention to one self. Tattoo's and body piercing is not allowed at AYS.

Special Programs

Although all clients are required to follow the regular AYS point system, many clients have special needs and receive special programs such as Sticker Program or Daily Level Program. The therapist will establish this with the program director. Each client is entitled to a Special Program if deemed necessary from his therapist. It is up to the staff to know these programs on a regular basis. All special programs will go through the treatment team before followed.

Alliance Youth Services Client Grievance Policy and Procedure Policy

AYS provides all clients the right and opportunity to express complaints or grievances about denial of services, exclusion from program and/or inadequacies or inequities in the programs and services provided covered by the DHS contract. All clients will be informed of the Policy and Procedure at the time of Intake. A signed copy will be placed in the client file.