About Us

Alliance Youth Services

Alliance Youth Services (AYS) and Alliance Clinical Services (ACS) are small owner-operated treatment programs located in Utah County. Jim Otteson (LCMHC) is the clinical director and Devin Jensen (MAS) is the business director, and together they have spent a combined 28 years working with young men with serious problems to resolve. They designed these programs in an effort to provide for the needs of troubled youth and their families through a holistic approach. Alliance focuses on individualized treatment services. Whether a youth is involved in outpatient or residential programming, Alliance believes strongly in family involvement and creating positive support systems. Because each youth is placed in treatment for specific and individualized concerns, Alliance strives to address the various needs the youth may have, including re-unifying the family where appropriate. AYS is comprised of three group homes for male youth:

Timpanogos Shadows RTC, High SO (YSF/DJJS)

Located in American Fork, Timp Shadows is a small and intimate, owner-operated, NOJOS Level 6, eight-bed individualized setting for treatment. Clients are provided a home-like atmosphere, which aids in the therapeutic process. Clients progress through six phases (Orientation, Accountability, Boundaries, Empathy, Relapse Prevention, and Transition) and attend school at Summit High School in Orem while working toward re-unification and graduation from the program.

Timpview RTC, Moderate Behavior (DBE/DCFS)

Located in Lindon, Timpview is a Moderate Behavior program, twelve-bed individualized setting for treatment. Clients attend Summit High School in Orem, and progress through the six-phase programming (Orientation, Accountability, Boundaries, Empathy, Relapse Prevention, and Transition), while working toward re-unification and graduation.

The Pointe RTC, Short-term Moderate Behavioral (YAE/DJJS)

Located in Lehi, The Pointe is a twelve-bed Short-term Moderate Behavioral program. The Pointe is designed to treat youth in residence for approximately 90-days, working intimately with their families, followed by comprehensive at-home services for around 60-days. The treatment team works much more closely with the families of the youth, both in residence at the group home, as well at at-home, with clinicians, a family coach, and other members of the treatment team. The pace is quick, and youth and professionals work hard and fast to help the youth and his family reunite as quickly as is reasonable.  Clients progress through six phases while addressing criminogenic issues and consequential thinking. Youth attend school on-site, academics are provided by teachers from Summit High School, they participate in community service and recreational activities.