Residential treatment services for adolescents with behavioral issues,
including sexual abuse, substance abuse and mental health.
Alliance Youth Services (AYS) provides progressive mental health treatment for male adolescent with sexual and other behavioral issues, using research-based interventions with the overall goal of improving the quality of our client's lives.
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Program Philosophy

Focusing on family unity and personal growth, AYS aims to provide competent, comprehensive mental health treatment services in a residential treatment setting, as well as at-home services to reduce risk of the youth placed in their care. Our motto in achieving this is "cultivating positive change through personal accountability.” The programs are committed to using What Works principles in working in alliance with the youth, case managers, case workers, probation officers, families and the community to enhance family unity and personal growth by focusing on risk factors by developing effective treatment plans that reduce risk. The Risk-Need-Responsivity model is utilized by ensuring that the intensity of services provided by AYS matches each client's risk to reoffend, targeting the client's priority risk factors most directly associated with his delinquent behavior, ensuring treatment is evidence-based, and tailored to match the teaching style of the program to the learning style of each individual client.


To build and strengthen relationships that inspire excellence within our youth, our families, and within ourselves. AYS offers comprehensive mental health services in residential settings for the treatment and the reduction of risk of adolescent males and their families in moderate to high group home facilities. The commitment is to identify and overcome the priority risk factors, work in alliance with DJJS and DCFS and other service providers, and to help with personal growth and family unity by identifying and enhancing the youth's protective factors.


A company’s vision is their ambitious “we’re going to change the world” ideals that keep them focused on the bigger picture. It’s about the future we want to create, and the specific people we want to impact in a profound way. It is not a “pie in the sky” statement, but a true, deeply engrained desire to make this world a better place. Our vision is to create a world of respect for self, respect for others, and respect for our surroundings while becoming the global leader in our field. Evidence-based and clinically sound treatment strategies and interventions are the foundation of a shared vision of recovery and risk reduction at AYS, in conjunction with collaborative decision making and the treatment-team approach to healing.

Our Goal

The AYS goal is to ensure that the youth and his family have the greatest potential for safe and secure future with fewer risks associated with their treatment goals, following the treatment of the juvenile in the group home, along with reunification and permanency with his family through services in the home. The aim is to provide competent and comprehensive mental health treatment services that reduce risk in the youth and create the opportunity to experience a safe and secure environment for healing. The long-term and short term objectives at AYS are to:

  • Provide consistent, evidence-based and comprehensive treatment services at the appropriate level of intensity.
  • Provide treatment to an under-served area.
  • Provide treatment related to adolescent issues and prevent future crimes through the development of productive skills.
  • Encourage family unity and personal growth through community education and mental health services.
  • Be a recognized name and symbol of the community and the values they represent.

Our Values

Our Values: Values are the underlying moral guideposts that shape our decisions, actions, and the mission and vision of our company. We all have values – some are clearly defined, while others may not be as obvious. We believe that articulating our values establishes general expectations of behavior, and helps guide the many, often difficult decisions we make as an organization. Some of the values at AYS include the following:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Ethical Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Fairness
  • Hard Work/Smart Work
  • Gratitude
  • Trust & Loyalty
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Appreciation
  • Risk Reduction
  • Healthy Living

Our Beliefs

  • Youth can change and grow if taught the correct skills in a healthy environment.
  • Adjudicated youth have worth and just need to be given the opportunity to learn based on their learning style.
  • Victimization of self and others is a heinous, devastating crime.
  • Troubled youth are treatable when they are given appropriate interventions related to skill building focused on individual risk factors.
  • An individual who commits a crime is in need of treatment to change his thinking AND behavior patterns to reduce risk.
  • Youth are 100% accountable for their choices and actions, and progress best when treated with interventions that maintain respect and dignity.
  • Success of therapy is dramatically increased when the family and community is involved.