Residential Treatment Services for Sexual and Behavioral Issues

Alliance Youth Services (AYS) provides progressive mental health treatment for male adolescent with sexual and other behavioral issues, using research-based interventions with the overall goal of improving the quality of our client's lives.

Dealing with a youth's sexual/behavioral issues is difficult, and often beyond the scope of most parents, but it's a problem many families face. If your adolescent is acting out sexually or behaviorally, it can create social labeling as well as legal implications. Parents are often unsure how to handle these situations or where to turn for help.

Alliance has developed a specialized residential treatment center to help male teens and their families cope with these sensitive issues. To fully understand the treatment and healing process, you need to understand the importance of a specialized treatment – one where young men are able address their issues without fear or shame. Our safe environment is the first step in acknowledging and abandoning inappropriate behaviors.

The therapists at AYS understand that sexual/behavioral issues among teens are seldom the primary problem. They are usually symptomatic of other core issues. We approach mental health and behavioral problems holistically. We understand the interrelationship of biological, family, and environmental factors and address problems at all these levels. Our team of experienced professionals will guide the youth through the assessment, along with placement, treatment, and aftercare.

This website will provide you with honest answers and reliable guidance, but if you would prefer to discuss your situation privately, we invite you to call 801-205-2744 and talk to a counselor.

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